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Tour Dates 8-)


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Tour Dates 8-)

I know that all of you are probably thinking that Switchfoot sounds like a really awesome band and are wondering if they'll be playing in your area, well here's a list of tour dates for them. Trust me if they're ever in your area go see them, you won't be dissapointed!!! For ticket information go to

July 5th
Cornerstone Festival
Bushnell, IL
July 8th
Noble County Community Fair
Kendalville, IN
July 11th
Sunnyview Expo & Fairgrounds
Oshkosh, WI
July 19-21st
Harvest Crusade
Various, HI
July 23-26th
Creation Festival-West
The George Amphitheatre
George, WA
August 8th
Harvest Crusade
Edison Field
Anaheim, CA
August 9th
Cornerstone Festival - NC
Elon, NC
August 22-24th
Rock the Desert
Beal Park
Midland, TX
August 29th
Finnegan Field House
Franciscan Univ.
Steubenville, OH
August 30th
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ
September 5th
Night of Joy
Walt Disney World
Lake Buena Vista, FL
October 3rd
Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater
Peachtree City, GA
December 30th
Peoria Civic Center
Peroria, IL

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