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Bleach, until I find another one that is worthy=) have any suggestions email me=)


Pretty Boys=) lol=)
l to r=) Milam, Sam, Jerry, Jared, Davy=)

What is bleach? Who are they? and more importantly, Why do I love them?=)

Well, bleach is an awesome christian rock band=) the name bleach didn't originally have a meaning but since people always asked them about the name they came up with the idea of Jesus bleaching away our sins=) the original guys in bleach met at Kentucky Christian College and came out with their first cd Space in 1996 and then Static in 1998. The original guys in bleach are Davy Baysinger, Sam Barnhart, Brad Ford, Matt Gingerich, and Todd Kirby. Brad and Todd left after the 2nd cd and Russ Fox joined davy, sam, and matt and in 1999 they came out w/ a 3rd cd that was self-titled (and in my opinion self-titled is the best cd ever. it is awesome filled with worship songs all music and words are originally written by bleach, and to anyone that has never heard bleach before i promise after listening to self-titled once you'll be hooked=) to anyone i know if ya wanna barrow it from me, you can just as long as you promise not to hurt it and that you'll give it back=)) after the self-titled cd russ and matt left and davy and sam were going to quit the band too, but the guys that left encouraged them to go on and eventually davy and sam were joined by milam byers, jared byers, and jerry morrison=) and just recently, in august, they came out with a new cd called Again, for the First Time.
before joining bleach milam played guitar for Miss Angie, Jared played drums for Relient k (he wasn't on a cd though) and Jerry played bass for Bonus Mahoney.
ok, well that's a lil about bleach i suppose what and who they are=) now, why do i love them?
ok, well in summer of 2001 i went on a mission trip to Costa Rica and bleach went too=) prior to Costa Rica I only had their static cd and had been to their website a few times (which is how i found out about the trip) but i really didn't know who they were or much about um. getting to meet them in Costa Rica was awesome=) it was cool cuz i got to meet an acutal band and well reality hit me, they're not some big rock band their just normal guys, they have life outside the band=) it was cool seeing them perform in our skits and just getting to hang with them i got to learn stuff about them like how jerry met his wife, and i got to see things that are rarely shown like jerry doing his raptor/dinosaur impression, it was scarry=) also davy cut my hair=) and it was just cool getting to talk to the guys and the best was one night when our whole team was together and we just shared what was on our hearts and prayed for each other. i can tell you this after meeting bleach, they are definitely not fake=) they are real and i love um=) one guy that was on my team made a website about our team if ya want go to check it out it's cool=)
since costa rica i've gotten to see bleach play 4 different times, twice at cornerstone (music festival in Bushnell, IL) and it was cool cuz i got to talk to um at c-stone and they remembered me from costa rica, which was a year before=) and then i got to see them in september at the Underground in Fairfield, OH at the show sam let me go into the back where they were hangin out cuz i brought um candy=) and the last time i got to see um was November 10th in Clevland, OH and they signed a poster just for me as who they really are donny, ronny, johnny, lonnie, and uncle ponny=) it's cool cuz every once in awhile I get an email from one of the guys, usually Milam or Jared and only if I email um first=)
I just recently saw bleach again on May 3rd at Mt. Vernon university, that was one of the best times=) i have pics on my website check um out,
ok now here's something that's on about bleach=)
check out bleach go to and if ya wanna listen to um you can listen to their new cd at
for another cool article on bleach go to


"Energetic and fun rock n roll, tightly wrapped in a beautiful package replies a smiling Milam Byers, lead guitarist for Bleach, when asked about the bands live show. That was an incredible rock show adds Sam Barnhart, rhythm guitarist. That is what I want people to be thinking when they leave one of our shows. Indeed, that is a common sentiment echoed by Bleach concert goers for the past six years. Averaging 150 shows per year, including 9 national tours, as well as international touring in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Holland, and Canada, the band has honed a live show that would impress the most critical of rock critics. Over the last six years, we have really had the chance to find out what works and what doesnt work in our live show, says lead vocalist, Dave Baysinger. I am really excited to see where we have come from, and even more excited about the direction we are heading. We got our start in college playing around campus, explains Barnhart of the bands history. Soon we wound up playing a lot of shows on weekends in surrounding areas. We had a buddy who was in a band signed to a Nashville-based record label, Forefront Records, who helped us record a demo. He gave it to the head of A&R who came and saw us play at the college. Evidently he liked it because we signed a deal about a month later. Its pretty much been a wild ride since then.Since its inception in 1995, the band has managed to find the time to record three albums in between their frenetic touring schedule that have sold over 150,000 copies. Space (1996), and Static (1998) were both produced by long time friend and college buddy, Barry Blair. On our third [self-titled] record we decided to take a little different route. We wanted to steer away from the polished sound of Static and move to a more raw sound. We decided to have a good friend, Pete Stewart, come in and co-produce the project with us. We felt like he understood the direction that we wanted to go better than anyone. He actually spent several weeks out on the road playing guitar with us in 1999, so he definitely knew what we were looking for said Baysinger.The band is tentatively scheduled to hit the studio for their fourth full length in September 2001. When asked about the new material, drummer Jared Byers says: The new material is packed with big melodies. Very big melodies on top of anthemic rock music, adds brother Milam. Hooks galore but more rock than before. We have been trying out some of the new material at our shows and the crowds are really digging it. These songs are packed full of energy. Thats been our goal with the new materialfor that energy to translate to the crowd. When they get it, we take it a step further."
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l to r=) Jared, Sam, Milam, Jerry, and Davy=)